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Prevention for Positives -- A Course Module for Health Care Professionals

Publisher: Family Health International

Publish Date: 2008

Duration: 90 minutes

Languages: English

Intended Audience: Health care providers, health facility managers


Training Module

This module encourages health care providers to promote prevention with their HIV-infected patients. To do this, providers need to understand the facts about positive prevention, and they need guidance on effective communication with their patients.

Interactive discussions throughout the presentation are recommended, as people learn better when they apply new knowledge to their own experience. Many of the slides include discussion questions, both within their notes and in the facilitator's guide. Self-testing and role-playing activities are included to maximize audience participation.

Manager's Guide

This manual includes a step-by-step planning guide for introducing a new positive prevention program, including best practices in client counseling and eight important tools to help managers integrate HIV prevention services into their health facilities.

  File Size, Format
Prevention for Positives: A Course Module for Health Care Professionals -- Facilitator's Manual665 KB PDF
Slide Set148 KB PPT
Staff Self-Assessment Tool61 KB PDF
Manager's Guide to Integrating HIV Prevention into Health Care Settings1.1 MB PDF