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HIV Prevention and Adherence Counseling with People Living with HIV/AIDS -- A Tool for Counselors in HIV Care and Treatment Settings

HIV Prevention and Adherence Counseling with People Living with HIV/AIDS

Publisher: United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention; Global AIDS Program

Publish Date: October 2008

Duration: 2 days

Languages: English

Intended Audience: Lay persons, PLWHA, counselors, and peer educators


This training teaches persons with no medical or professional training to work as counselors in HIV care and treatment settings to reinforce HIV prevention messages, assist HIV-infected patients in changing high-risk transmission behaviors, and conduct adherence counseling. It also teaches counselors to educate patients about HIV-related topics and to provide HIV counseling and testing where permitted.

This training is divided into three parts:

  • Part I: HIV prevention, care, and treatment, and conducting health education for patients on these topics
  • Part II: Individual counseling with HIV-infected patients on HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment
  • Part III: HIV counseling and testing
  Trainers ManualParticipants' ManualSlides
Front Matter142 KB PDF69 KB PDF 
Module 1: Introductions, Overview, and Rationale178 KB PDF106 KB PDF113 KB PPT
Module 2: Basic Information about HIV/AIDS786 KB PDF481 KB PDF3 MB PPT
Module 3: How to Conduct Group Education112 KB PDF42 KB PDF42 KB PPT
Module 4: Helping Patients Prevent the Spread of HIV through Sexual Contact169 KB PDF81 KB PDF479 KB PPT
Module 5: Preventing the Spread of HIV from Mothers to Infants128 KB PDF73 KB PDF289 KB PPT
Module 6: Helping Patients Adhere to Their Medications322 KB PDF171 KB PDF2.2 MB PPT
Module 7: Helping Patients Protect Their Health and Live Healthier Lives249 KB PDF171 KB PDF1.2 MB PPT
Module 8: Basic Counseling Skills172 KB PDF69 KB PDF57 KB PPT
Module 9: Conducting the Individual Counseling Session216 KB PDF62 KB PDF59 KB PPT
Module 10: Prevention Counseling for HIV-Infected Individuals -- Disclosure118 KB PDF50 KB PDF47 KB PPT
Module 11: Prevention Counseling for HIV-Infected Individuals -- Partner Testing71 KB PDF34 KB PDF59 KB PPT
Module 12: Prevention Counseling for HIV-Infected Individuals -- Condom Use107 KB PDF45 KB PDF25 KB PPT
Module 13: Counseling on Reducing Alcohol Use116 KB PDF56 KB PDF27 KB PPT
Module 14: Adherence Counseling for HIV-Infected Individuals229 KB PDF131 KB PDF318 KB PPT
Module 15: Counseling Strategies for Behavior Change100 KB PDF81 KB PDF43 KB PPT
Individual Counseling Guide  334 KB PDF 
Group Education Flip Charts
Living Well with HIV/AIDS3.8 MB PDF   
Protecting Your Children from HIV2.1 MB PDF   
Protecting Your Spouse or Partner from HIV3.7 MB PDF   
Treatment of HIV/AIDS3.9 MB PDF   
What You Need to Know about HIV and AIDS4.5 MB PDF