• Manager's Guide to Integrating HIV Prevention into Health Care Settings
    Manager's Guide to Integrating HIV Prevention into Health Care Settings [1.1 MB PDF]
    Family Health International

    This manual includes a step-by-step planning guide for introducing a new positive prevention program, including best practices in client counseling and eight important tools to help managers integrate HIV prevention services into their health facilities.

    See also the related curriculum.

  • Positive Health (Abridged) [4.7 MB PDF]
    Neil M. Orr, MA Research Psychology and David Patient, MHT, Empowerment Concepts

    The Positive Health booklet is geared to the lay public in Southern Africa, and it takes a fresh look at healthy living for people who are living with or affected by HIV and AIDS. The guide is written in simple language and offers practical information such as how to obtain adequate nutrition.

    The unabridged, executive, edition is available for purchase through Amazon.comexternal link, and available for online viewing through Google booksexternal link.
  • Positive Prevention: HIV prevention with people living with HIV. A guide for NGOs and service providers
  • Positive Prevention: HIV Prevention with People Living with HIV. A Guide for NGOs and Service Providers [1.7 MB PDF]
    International HIV/AIDS Alliance

    This guide is a resource for NGO staff and HIV service providers working across the spectrum of HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support services who desire to take steps towards integrating HIV prevention for, by, and with people living with HIV.

  • Positive Prevention: Prevention Strategies for People Living with HIV [3.3 MB PDF]
    International Planned Parenthood Federation, Family Planning Association of India, and Indian Network for People Living with HIV/AIDS
    February 2010

    Developed by teams working in India, this guide was created to assist people living with HIV, service providers, and policy makers to understand, promote, and implement appropriate rights-based strategies for addressing the prevention needs of people living with HIV.