Training Basics

This section contains valuable tools for developing and improving training skills. The complete package was designed to be delivered as a series of training-of-trainer (TOT) sessions.

  • The Training Basics materials cover the core elements of adult learning and how trainers can plan and implement successful training events.
  • The Interactive Lecture modules define the difference between traditional classroom settings and interactive trainings for adults. The materials include tips, tools, and exercises to help participants develop an engaging presentation style.
  • Teachback is a popular interactive training method whereby learners practice training techniques among peers and provide real-time feedback to each other. These materials introduce the Teachback method.
Training Basics Files:
Training Basics988 KB PPT1 MB PPT
Facilitator's Guide50 KB PDF78 KB PDF
Handout115 KB PDF185 KB PDF
Adult Learning Principles Quiz17 KB PDF31 KB PDF
Adult Learning Principles Answers17 KB PDF31 KB PDF
Interactive Lecture Files:
How to Facilitate an Interactive Lecture281 KB PPT257 KB PPT
Facilitator's Guide35 KB PDF35 KB PDF
Handout47 KB PDF49 KB PDF
Checklist24 KB PDF25 KB PDF
Feedback Form19 KB PDF19 KB PDF
ADDIE Method of Training Development: Demonstrating a Lecture287 KB PPT268 KB PPT
ADDIE Method Handout38 KB PDF39 KB PDF
Teachback Files:
Approach to Training of Trainers (TOT)1.7 MB PPT 4.2 MB PPT
Facilitator's Guide52 KB PDF51 KB PDF
Handout53 KB PDF55 KB PDF